Hello! My name is Courtney Crosland and I am a 3rd grade teacher in a small district in Texas.

I taught from 2008-2014 in several different schools. Now I’m back in the classroom! I am certified to teach early childhood through 4th grade all content, 4th-8th grade English/Language Arts/ Reading/Social Studies, and am ESL certified.

I have taught pre-k, 1st, 2nd, 4th, and 8th grades! One of those schools had about a 95% ESL population, and I loved it so much.

This is my first time to teach 3rd grade, but I believe that teaching 2nd and 4th grades have truly prepared me for this amazing journey.

On This Blog You Will See:

  • Education about Growth Mindset and how I implement it at home AND in the classroom.
  • Ways that I develop a close family/community within our class.
  • Information about how I teach diversity throughout the curriculum and teach kids how to embrace it in themselves and others.
  • Info about curriculum that I use and develop and how I integrate subjects for maximum comprehension.
  • Ways that I implement reading and writing instruction, guided reading, strategy groups, literature circles, writing workshop, reading workshop, poetry, literary elements, math instruction and guided math, science curriculum and hands on activities, nature studies, social studies and history (while integrating it through literature and writing), and so much more!

Why Home Sweet Classroom?

My goal is to create a home-like space for my students to be who they are, to have big conversations, to work through their struggles, to be celebrated, and to be loved.  I want them to feel at peace when they walk into my classroom no matter what has been going on at home.  I want them to know that despite how they do academically, they are known.  The name “Home Sweet Classroom” came so easily to me that I just assumed there was already a blog out there like it!  But nope!

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